QGIS is the leader open source Geographic Information System (GIS).

Champs-Libres have a great knowledge of the QGIS daily usage, and is expert in QGIS plugin development.


We offer support about the QGIS usage, through an hotline or by email. We do also on-site intervention.


We organise training about the use of QGIS, or the plugin development in QGIS. Those training may be organized in our office in Namur, or elsewhere in Belgium or abroad. We can offer the training in French or English.

The content of the training may be:

  • the use of QGIS for beginners;
  • creation of map styles or printed maps;
  • plugin development;
  • custom algorithm development;
  • QGIS for advanced users.

Obviously, we can adapt the content to the client demands. Trainers have all a training experience.

Plugin development

Do you need to adapt QGIS to your own needs? We have an advanced knowledge in developing QGIS plugins and adding custom algorithms. We are able to develop the plugins which will perfectly suits with your activity.