The team

Presentation of the team.

What we do

We develop tailor-made software to support the activity of our customers, and we set up IT infrastructure for serving this software.

We promote opensource software. We are convinced that code sharing contributes to the common good. We have a not dogmatic, practical approach : we seek simple and efficient solutions for our customers. We offer not only development services but installation, consulting and training services.

Our fields of expertise

Champs-Libres is active in two fields of expertise :

  • applications involving geographic components 
  • applications for social workers.

We offer services around QGIS, OpenStreetMap or create dedicated applications. We also offer applications for facilitating social worker services based on the Chill software.

Our customers

We are regularly approached by the non-profit sector (NPOs, public authorities, etc.). We are therefore trained to working with this sector. We are very sensitive to ethics. We know how to adapt to meet a tight budget. In addition, we propose to share costs through the use of open source software.

We ensure that we adapt to the needs of our customers and offer solutions that:

  • correspond to their needs;
  • allow maximum efficiency at a lower cost, including the use of free software the most as possible;
  • are pleasant to use;
  • are efficient.

What is the added value of opensource software?

In accordance with our social purpose and in agreement with our customers, we place the source code of our creations under an opensource license. This allows:

  • to have the assurance of having the source code of the software produced (the customer has the code at any time and continue development with another service provider);
  • to make the investment socially profitable: the product code is shared with other users; these other users can improve it, add functionalities, etc.; moreover, these improvements can be returned to the initial producer;
  • Very often, our software is financed by public money: either by a grant or directly; sharing the source code ensures that public money remains accessible in the public domain.

Our philosophy

We work not only with our know-how, but also according to our values.

Our company is tied to a number of principles that not only benefit to our well-being, but also, strive to contributing to a better society :

  • horizontal democracy : flat organisation and equal decision power ;
  • equal pay : wages are equal for all workers ;
  • ecology : we care about the ecological impact of our activity. Most of our professional trips are made using public transport, by bike or by foot. We avoid travelling by plane by accommodating our foreign activities. We try opting for the less energy-intensive languages, tools, and development and hosting strategies ;
  • opensource : we contribute to the commons by opening our source code or by contributing to existing source code ;
  • solidarity : we pay attention to the social environnement of our company. Among our commitments, we write our documents using gender-inclusive writing.