Champs-Libres has a large experience in developing applications for social workers.

Based on the professional experiences of of several of its employees, Champs-Libres develops applications that helps the daily tasks of social workers.

Chill, open source software for social workers

Champs-Libres supports the opensource software Chill. This software can be summarized as a electronic social file. It allows :

  • to have all useful information at a glance ;
  • to keep track of activities ;
  • to simplify administrative procedures.

The software is modular and it is possible to add items tat are specific to the activity of each organisation. It includes an access right system that ensures the privacy of recorded informations.

Tailor-made development

Champs-Libres can develop tailor-made software, based on the Chill software or not. These modules can be adapted exactly to your needs : recording specific information for a beneficiary, follow-up of administrative procedures, etc.

A team close to the social field

Our team includes former social workers, which facilitates our understanding of the profession and its challenges.


Champs-Libres also offers hosting management for softwares, in particular for the Chill software. Our offer allows you to get access to the software, via internet, in a secure environment.

Development support

In addition to the development of applications, we also offer support to developers who would like to develop or install the Chill software.