Optimisation of street labelling with Mapnik

How to optimise the placement of street labels using Mapnik

At first sight, street labelling looks like a fairly basic feature in cartography. But finding a way to display the largest possible number of street labels while keeping map readability can become very challenging! In this post, we report about our tests to maximise the presence of street labels in a map produced with Mapnik. Note: the images in this blog post are intended for a printed map, so they actually looked small at the screen. [Lire plus]

Install mapnik 2.3 with the python plugin

Mapnik is a python librairy that creates png images from geographical sources like OpenStreetMap data, PostGIS databases and shapefiles. The librairy is mainly used to create the different map layers used in OpenStreetMap. Mapnik can be extended with some plugins. One of this is the “python plugin” that allows to use python as a data source. This article explain how to install mapnik with the python plugin for ubuntu 14. [Lire plus]